My favorite tech related books

I enjoy reading well-written books on technical topics in my spare time but when reading for fun I prefer lighter and wittier text than the standard school textbooks tend to be (but of course classical textbooks are a great resource for learning and I use them a lot when studying). I have gathered a list of my favorite tech or mind-enhancing books that I have read the past year. Enjoy:

C.O.D.E – The Hidden Language of Computer and Software, by Charles Petzold.

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Hello world.

We are three students studying computer science and software engineering at Reykjavík University in Iceland. This fall we are starting the last year of our Bachelor’s degree but in three different countries. We wanted to start a blog to share knowledge by writing about subjects and topics that interest and affect us while studying computer science. Writing about new skills, methods and general thoughts help us to learn and hopefully have a positive impact on ourselves and more people.