Studying vs studying

Apparently, it’s not enough to just study, you also should learn how to study. I was lucky enough to get advice from teachers at an early age. Despite that, I’m still adapting my techniques because not only does it differ what works between people but I also don’t always prefer the same things.


How I study if affected by many factors including (but not bound to)

  • My routine
  • My school schedule
  • Teacher’s way of teaching
  • What kind of material is provided
  • The subject
  • The people I study with

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New country, new school

I have been studying Computer Science at Reykjavik University for two years now. This month, I started my 3rd and final year of my Bachelor degree, but in Sweden. I am starting my semester as an exchange student in The Royal Institute Of Technology in Stockholm.



Currently, Stockholm is the home for 100,000 students. There are 18 universities in Stockholm and KTH has the highest number of international students. The social life at the school is quite different than at home. There are many traditions here that I find interesting.

There is one big organization called, THS which is the student union for KTH. THS contains 21 chapters which separate by different study programs at KTH. The chapters have their private facilities at the KTH campus, and they offer microwaves, a place to eat, study area and a pub. In my first week here in Stockholm, before the school started, I noticed some people in colorful trousers or long black dress suit jackets wearing fancy hats with a tail. The trousers and the jacket were most of the time filled with batches that they have gained or collected somehow. A group of first-year bachelor students followed these students wearing some hats, sweatband, signs or baseball caps. I asked a Swedish student about this tradition, and she explained to me that the trousers or jackets are for the students that are members of the chapters. The trousers are in different colors which represent different chapters. For example, the computer science chapter wears pink trousers. When they go for example to some event or party, they have to do some tasks to earn those batches.

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My favorite tech related books

I enjoy reading well-written books on technical topics in my spare time but when reading for fun I prefer lighter and wittier text than the standard school textbooks tend to be (but of course classical textbooks are a great resource for learning and I use them a lot when studying). I have gathered a list of my favorite tech or mind-enhancing books that I have read the past year. Enjoy:

C.O.D.E – The Hidden Language of Computer and Software, by Charles Petzold.

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Hello world.

We are three students studying computer science and software engineering at Reykjavík University in Iceland. This fall we are starting the last year of our Bachelor’s degree but in three different countries. We wanted to start a blog to share knowledge by writing about subjects and topics that interest and affect us while studying computer science. Writing about new skills, methods and general thoughts help us to learn and hopefully have a positive impact on ourselves and more people.