Online CV

Being a student in computer science or related field makes it ideal to have your own website to host your CV. I just did so a few months ago and must say it’s also a lot of fun to design a website where the main subject is… yourself!
To make it an easier setup for others I wanted to share my process.

Get a domain

This is something you can do far in advance. Just make sure that perfect domain is yours. This is surprisingly addicting, there are still loads of domains I want to invest in. The website I used isĀ


Create your website

This is the creative step.
Use your favorite framework, some online tool(check out Jekyll) or a premade static template.
I used the last option to get my site fast up and running. This is not a site that needs a lot of functionality so it might be better to get the base out there and then you can always add on to it.
Here are examples of places to look for a template:
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